Daily To-Do List For Ramadan (Print it!)

Gilded Dunya

image.png My first Ramadan with Yusra was when she was 6 months old. With her still waking up for night feeds and me introducing solids to her. It all meant our Ramadan was full of sleepless nights and with high levels of anxiety throughout the day. Sticking to a pleasant routine with slots for extra Ibadah became a burdening task.

For the first couple of days I felt overwhelmed with it all because prior to becoming a mother, Ramadan was a month of deep reflection and complete dedication to extra Ibadah. It was simple before having Yusra, I’d take time off work and plan my whole day around how to be productive. I learnt this was no longer to be the case and my heart and soul felt terrible at this realisation. I realised this was yet another ‘sacrifice’ I had to make.

I sat down and thought I couldn’t carry…

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